Malic Acid Analysis

Spectrophotometric determination of malic acid by enzymatic assay. Malic acid is a critical parameter to measure to ensure that your wine is going through its malolactic fermentation. Secondary fermentations can slow down or become "stuck" thus delaying cellaring activities such as sulfuring. If you are making a non ML wine it is important that you keep an eye on the malic acid levels to ensure a malolactic fermentation has not started.

Acetaldehyde Testing

Is your wine smelling a bit off? It might be acetaldehyde. Bring in a sample for testing.


Quality Control Analysis

Routine testing of your wines stored in tank and in barrel is vitally important. Testing the sulfur dioxide levels, volatile acidity, pH and titratable acidity regularly on your wines will help to ensure your wines do not start to have problems down the road.

Quality Assurance

Baseline and ongoing testing of your wines ensures no potential problems "sneak up" on your cellar.


Grape Juice Testing

Let us test your grape juice during vintage. We can test your pH, Brix and Titratable Acidity. It is a quick convenient way to get the data you need to help make that all-important decision on when to pick your grapes. If you need a closer look at your grapes we can test the juice for Yeast Available Nitrogen and Volatile Acidity.


Yeast Available Nitrogen Testing

Accurately determine your grape juice's nitrogen needs before and during fermentation by testing the juice for Yeast Available Nitrogen. Too little or too much nitrogen in grape juice during fermentation can lead to problems such as sluggish or stuck ferments and ethyl carbamate formation.