Whether it is from a barrel or a large tank, taking a sample correctly is very important. The goal to proper sampling is to collect a sample that is representative of the tank or barrel that you are sampling from. If you are pulling a sample from a tank then collect it from the middle of the tank. If sampling from a barrel, either pull the sample from the middle or stir the barrel and then pull the sample.

Sample Volume Table

Analysis Volume Required Analysis Volume Required
Free SO2 50 mls Total SO2 50 mls
pH 150 mls Titratable Acidity 50 mls
Volatile Acidity 50 mls Residual Sugar 150 mls
Alcohol by Ebulliometry 100 mls Alcohol by Distillation 300 mls
Cold Stability by Conductivity 200 mls Heat Stability 100 mls
Bentonite Trial 750 mls VQA Analysis 750 mls
Malic Acid 100 mls Yeast Available Nitrogen 100 mls
Glucose/Fructose 100 mls Brix 200 mls
Turbidity 100 mls Heterotrophic Plate Count 250 mls
Yeast/Mold Count 250 mls Brettanomyces Count 250 mls

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