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We offer a wide array of testing services. Chemical parameters include pH, Titratable Acidity, Volatile Acidity, Residual Sugar, Alcohol by Ebulliometry, Alcohol by Distillation, Free SO2 and Total SO2 by Aeration Oxidation, Turbidity, Malic Acid, Acetaldehyde, Lactic Acid, Acetic Acid, Yeast Available Nitrogen, Glucose & Fructose, Cold Stability (Conductivity Method), Heat Stability (using a Turbidimeter), Bentonite trials.
Microbiological parameters include Yeast and Mold plating, Heterotrophic Plate Count and Brettanomyces Plating. All plating is performed by membrane filtration.

The Penticton Wine Lab is an accredited laboratory with the BC Wine Authority. Our Certified Laboratory Number is 56986.

Products for Sale

Because most wineries have their own laboratory, we stock various labware items such as beakers, flasks, pipettes and brix hydrometers. We also sell various chemicals such as pH buffers and sodium hydroxide. Our stock is always changing so drop by and have a look.